Violin Makers Plane Holster

Fine woodworking is a labor of love.   That’s why you do it.   And because you work with the best tools, you need’em close when you need’em the most.   Black & Tan Leather Works is here to help with the Violin Maker’s Plane Leather Holster!

     The Violin Maker’s Plane holster is carefully designed to ride safely on your belt with a secure, button-snap belt loop.   Our holster is crafted for a snug fit while providing the kind of protection that comes from a thick, veg-tan quality leather.   Its rugged construction will soon loosen as the leather reaches that “buttery” feel to match its rugged good looks.   Your tools deserve nothing less!”

This holster is 7”h x 2 5/8”w x 2” deep

$ 44.99

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